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To the Gallon

By Sherry [Mia], March 18, 2008 1 Real Life

Hey,I’m kinda been moody this past week. No, it’s not because of the hormones. Well, maybe it played a little part. My brother did end up coming to Florida, but I couldnt get the chance to see him until today; the day he is leaving. He was placed where I couldnt get to him unless I paid approx. 100buck to. I unfortunately dont have that kind of money at the moment T_T. This was my one chance to see him until who knows when. Blah….I’m sorry bro. I tried…. On top of that, my dad kinda pissed me off this… Read More »

Road Trip!!

By Sherry [Mia], March 11, 2008 1 Real Life

Hello Guys, Just figured I’d update the blog real quick. This Thursday, my brother is suppose to be coming down here to Florida for a Cheer Competition but I have yet gotten the chance to talk to him. This upcomnig Friday, I have another doctor’s Appt. I had one last Friday and I had to stay in the office for roughly 4 hours. They took blood from my arms every hour. It really sucked. Being pricked by a needle constantly hurts after a while T_T. Ths past Sunday, we ended up collecting all of Michael’s brother, Ron’s DVDs. ZOMG there… Read More »

Baby Logan

By Sherry [Mia], March 4, 2008 0 Real Life

FINALLY!!My big news this week is Baby Logan Isiah Buckle. Yes, I finally got an ultrasound done this past Wednesday. It’s a healthy boy weighting about 3 pounds. I think within the next two days, I uploaded the sonogram pictures into an album on my Myspace as well as Photobucket and Facebook. I have another appointment on March 14th to get a checkup. I’m trying to increase my portions when I eat or snack. I figure I have like 2 months to gain 8 pounds so trying to gain a pound a week. I also found out that out of… Read More »


By Sherry [Mia], February 26, 2008 1 Real Life

Hello, My week was pretty boring. Nothing interesting happened other than founding out that our nephew, Justin will be staying with us till the end of the school year. OH!!! Sunday was my sister-in-law, Marlo’s Birthday. So we paid a visit to her on her birthday. I’d say the highlight of my week was….the Baby Update :P BABY UPDATE:For those that didnt know, I went to a OB/GYN yesterday ^_^. My appointment was at 2:30pm. Michael and I left early around 1:45pm to finish paperwork before my apointment. I ended up finishing the paperwork at 2:35pm. The nurse was nice… Read More »

RawR, It’s Tuesday!

By Sherry [Mia], February 19, 2008 1 Real Life, Videos

Hello, ok…so it’s Tuesday. Time for my weekly update to my blog. Ugh, Nothing much to update about. We had our nephew Justin stay the weekend with us so I kinda had to rush getting my dream video done. Hard to record or narrate when he’s constantly asking me questions and making noises while playing Halo :) haha. Soooo that’s done. I swear I hate the sound of my voice because it sounds soooo low self-esteem…plus I sound like a little girl. Oh well. Here’s the Video about my dream that I wanted to share with you guys. Keep in… Read More »

Video Dream?

By Sherry [Mia], February 17, 2008 1 Random, Real Life, Videos

Why Hello There! haha. I just thought I would update my little blog here due to absolute boredom! I have an idea for my next video that I will be making. A video about the weirdest dream that I had from the week! Sounds boring, right? If anyone of you know me, I have the weirdest and most randomest dreams that I have ever heard of. Most people dream about something that had happened that day, something that happened in the past, or something on their mind before heading off to bed. My dreams are never like that. Sometimes my… Read More »