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By Sherry [Mia], April 26, 2015 0 Games, Random, Website

Greetings! Mia here. Go check out the new website for TitansXTG. We appreciate your patience while we work to construct the look of the site. Be sure to bookmark the website as we will be updating as much as we can. Until… Read More »

By Sherry [Mia], March 2, 2014 0 Games, Real Life, Screenshots, Website

Greetings Everyone! So for those that haven’t noticed, some blog posts are missing from my website. Why? Long story short, I forgot to backup my website. I had finished updating my website to the new wordpress version. Unfortunately, the new… Read More »

By Sherry [Mia], June 28, 2012 2 Games, Random, Real Life, Website

Hello Everyone! I am extremely tired, but I believe it’s because I’ve worn my brain out. I recently made a website for my brother and as easy as it was to set it up, it was a lot of work…. Read More »

End of 2011 Post…

By Sherry [Mia], December 31, 2011 2 Alts, Blog Challenges, BoHvXv, End Of Year, Priest, PvE, Real Life, Screenshots, Website, WoW

Hello Everyone! I know I haven’t been posting much. I’ve been enjoying my vacation time off from school by watching Netflix movies, and hanging out with my family. This will probably be my last post until the 2nd week of… Read More »

Break time for a Month!

By Sherry [Mia], December 11, 2011 3 Priest, PvE, Real Life, Screenshots, Website, WoW

Hello All! Sorry, I haven’t been updating as much. This week has been very busy, and very well interesting. Probably the best week I’ve ever had in the past couple of months.  Real life has been so crazy. Monday, my… Read More »

Looking back at Hosting…

By Sherry [Mia], November 10, 2011 2 Real Life, Website

Hello Everyone, So I just got done moving all my files from my old free hosting provider to a paid hosting provider. Why from free to paid? Well, let’s go over the history of my blog for a bit that lead… Read More »