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New Blog Layout

By Sherry [Mia], December 29, 2009 0 Real Life, Website

YAY!!! I’m finally done! haha. It was fun and a pain in the butt to fix this new layout. A World of Warcraft theme! WOOT! I absolutely love it…and Glad I am done. It was hard work simply because I had very limited time to work on it since I still haven’t gotten my laptop from Geek Squad. I have to share Michael’s laptop with him. Also, finding and photoshopping images together to create what I wanted. Since I’m done, I’m going to eat some breakfast and play some WoW! WOOT! 

Loving the New Domain!!!

By Sherry [Mia], December 26, 2009 0 Real Life, Website

Hey Everyone,    I know that I haven’t updated this blog in over two months but I’ve been simply busy. The warranty on my laptop was going to expire so we took it to Geek Squad, who then sent my laptop to their service center. That was on the 1st of December and I haven’t gotten it yet. I’m hoping it get it back on Monday….but I’m wishing. Also, SherryBuckle.Com expired around that same time and I didn’t exactly want to renew it. I liked the idea of having my own domain but not really MY name out on the internet… Read More »

WoW, Blog, DIY

By Sherry [Mia], October 6, 2009 0 Real Life, Website, WoW

Hello Everyone, I’m back to playing World of Warcraft again. Try as I might to get away from the game, I can’t. I stopped playing in hopes to save some money on entertainment. That’s really hard because excluding on gas to get to these places, we would spend at minimum: 1) Movie at the Theaters for 3 hours maximum = $22 2) Renting movies from Blockbuster = approx. $4 for two movies. 3) Universal Studios = $50 just for food. World of Warcraft is only $15 bucks a month ($30 for both Michael’s and my account). Then think about this,… Read More »


By Sherry [Mia], August 1, 2009 0 Website

Hey everyone,    I just wanted to say this one little thing before heading off to bed. I’m too tired to write about everything that happened today. I wanted to say that SherryBuckle.Com will lead to this blog. I cancelled my web hosting plan because I didn’t feel like I was spending as much time as money on it. I don’t have a lot of time to change and mess around with HTML & CSS coding to fit my ‘satisfaction’ (because I’m such a perfectionist). Plus, if I change my website, then I just got to have my ‘social sites’ (MySpace,… Read More »

New Blog Look.

By Sherry [Mia], July 27, 2009 0 Random, Website

After a couple of hours, I finally got to change my blog to look pretty neat. I used some stocks from a different digital scrapbooking kits to make this. Although, I miss seeing my World of Warcraft toons at the top of my blog…. so I might change it sometime again to use my World of Warcraft toons. WOOT! I <3>

1 year old

By Sherry [Mia], May 20, 2009 0 Real Life, Website

Hello Everyone, I would like to start off this blog by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my son, Logan. He turned 1 year old..Technically he’ll be 1 year old at 10:33om but who wants to get techinical? haha I received a birthday card from my grandma (Logan’s great Grandma) yesterday. I was expecting a one dollar bill because that’s what she did for ALL of my birthdays and she still does it. Oh well, I know she’s doesnt have the money so I’m happy she at least sent a card :D Althought it’s Logan’s birthday today, I dont think we’ll do… Read More »