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By Sherry [Mia], January 14, 2013 1 Priest, Real Life, Screenshots, Transmog, WoW

Hello everyone, Seeing as how the Spring Semester starts for me tomorrow, I thought I would share my recent transmogging. So far, the purple transmog outfit is my absolute favorite. I managed to find recolored versions of it and yes,… Read More »

Another Transmog Post…

By Sherry [Mia], January 17, 2012 7 Priest, Transmog, WoW

Hello All, It’s official. I have a transmogrification problem. I cannot seem to be satisfied with one outfit for my priest, BUT there is hope. If you guys haven’t noticed yet, my favorite color is Purple. With the new year,… Read More »

By Sherry [Mia], December 29, 2011 3 Alts, Blog Challenges, Games, Priest, Transmog, WoW

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to take the time to  add to Cym’s guest post. Thank for the post, Cym! ^_^ I also wanted to apologize. I received your email around the 22th. I have a TON of email addresses,… Read More »

Winter’s Veil 2011 Begins…

By Sherry [Mia], December 18, 2011 5 Priest, Real Life, Screenshots, Transmog, WoW

Hello All! So Feast of Winter’s Veil has started. The “Save Metzen” quest has gotten an upgrade. I’ve been watching Movies on Netflix, and playing my shaman. I’ve also been playing my priest, and have changed her transmogged set into… Read More »

How’s Patch 4.3, you ask?

By Sherry [Mia], December 3, 2011 4 Priest, PvE, Screenshots, Transmog, WoW

Hello Everyone! For those that haven’t heard yet (but I’m sure you have), Patch 4.3: Hour of Twilight came out on Tuesday! Yay! How do I think of it? I’m more of a “surprise me” gal, so I didn’t use… Read More »

Hunter Transmog. Outfit #1

By Sherry [Mia], October 14, 2011 0 Alts, Hunter, Random, Screenshots, Transmog, WoW

Hello Everyone! So I’d like to introduce my first Transmogrification Outfit that I’m working on my hunter. Some of the items that inspired this outfit is from Karazhan. Back in Burning Crusade, I got my Tier 4 Demonstalker Helm, and I… Read More »