2 years of Marriage!

   I really doubt I’d be able to update today about my adventures in Northrend today because it’s  my husband’s and mine’s anniversary! Two years of Marriage! We’re celebrating with a double feature at the theaters, Sherlock Holmes & Avatar in 3D! WOOT!    I met my husband in World of Warcraft. We became friends for about 1 year before we started dating. I made the first move by saying I didn’t want to be friends with him anymore. When he asked why, I told him. This is what he said in response.

   Yes, I still have the screenshot! I’m going to keep it forever! haha. Well, we’re leaving for our double Feature! Hopefully, I will post later about stuff we do in World of Warcraft if not..Definitely tomorrow!

EDIT 7:11pm: 
   Just got back from our Double Feature. Avatar is definitely a must-see, especially in 3D. The effects in that movie are awesome! I kind of became attracted to the main character, ‘Jake Sully’ for his role in the movie. The scenery was beautiful and I actually want to cry just thinking how awesome this movie was. Sherlock Holmes was pretty good too. Robert Downey JR filled the role very nicely. I like the sacastic remarks and comedy in this movie. One thing I didn’t really care for but love it anyways, was trying to understand ‘Sherlock Holmes’. Robert Downey JR talked so fast that it was a little too much for me to comprehend all at once. Still very clever situations and solutions. Overall, I love them both and CANNOT WAIT till they are out on DvD!



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3 Comments on "2 years of Marriage!"

  1. Sushicookie January 3, 2010 at 2:33 PM -

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Mia January 3, 2010 at 11:08 PM -

    ty ty ^_^

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