Saga’s Challenge: Favorite WoW Item [Day 5]

Hello Everyone!
Day 5 of Saga’s 20 Day Blogging Challenge states that I have to write about my favorite WoW Item. I’m just going to assume that it’s our Favorite item through the game, and not just gear-wise. So it could be a mount, potion, or another novelty item. That’s easy for me! It’s Benediction!
Back in WoW Classic (or Vanilla as others call it…Why is that?), My priest was level 60 and was a raiding regular in my guild called Undying. Back then, Priests that had the Benediction staff were considered “pro” and it was quite difficult to get the staff. Well, according to the DKP Charts, I was the 3rd person next in line for the Eye of Divinity. The Priest next-in-line (let’s name him Pickles) apparently was a level 59 and was accumulating DKP by raiding on his friend’s geared priest (Evilmonkey). I didn’t know this until I saw Evilmonkey dropped raid and Pickles joined the raid. (hehe that sounds silly). Of course, People got mad. Long story short, the next Priest in line ended up passing it to me, because I needed it more. After the raid, one of my friends gave me a Eye of Shadow that he got while farming and was going to sell it on the Auction house. Instead he figured I needed it more. :) I unfortunately failed at the quest (I don’t know how either), and I got recommended to get Evilmonkey to do the quest for me.

That was the story of how I got my Benediction staff on my level 60 undead priest. Ok, so you read the story, but why is it my favorite? It’s my favorite because it’s such a bright and glowing item. I love how the staff just looks like it has this aura around it. I love the sparkling tail that you get as you’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I love how you can switch it from Benediction to Anathema! I look at the weapons after WoW Classic, and not one sticks out in my mind like Benediction. I just love this staff. I even went back into Molten Core on my 80 Blood Elf Priest (on my new account) with my Hubby’s level 80 paladin to get Benediction on that toon. When I first discovered Inkscape, Benediction was the first thing I tried to make a vector of (which you can see here). I also know that the main reason why I love the staff is that it gave me so many memories. I got my staff by raiding with one of my favorite guilds, got items that will help get the quests done with the help of Undying guildies (hubby being one of them), got the quest done by a priest class officer who I respected.

As soon as Burning Crusade came out which was shortly after getting my Benediction staff, Undying fell apart as a guild. I was heart broken and the staff stayed with me until I hit level 70 because I couldn’t part with it. It’s just one of those items that not only does it have sentimental value, but it looks so cool too!
** Click for a larger image **

“A guildie Radagasst and Me with my Benediction. Only pic I have of it”


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