Shared Topic: Bringing back Changes…

Hello Everyone,

So ever since I started blogging about WoW, I joined a WoW Blogger community called “BlogAzeroth.” I have met a bunch of people through the BA forums, and I wish there were more hours in the day for me to visit the BA site more often. They have a few events that you can participate in. One of which is the “Shared Topic”, where members can suggest a topic to write about, and share it with the community. Not only am I participating in this week’s Shared Topic; but I also am the one who suggested it. My first Shared Topic Suggestion for BA. *YAY*

This week’s Shared Topic (Shortened):

Before I was going to bed, I heard someone talk to my husband about some changes in WoW they wish didn’t happen. Like removing some quests, content, class changes.
So I thought about some other changes that I would bring back…just for the day? For the week? and Permanently?

Changes for the Day – Back in Classic, I remember when your non-combat companions can die. Yes, that’s right. Die! Now I wouldn’t normally bring back companion deaths, but it’s more of a trip down memory lane for me. During a Ragnaros fight in Classic, I heard someone in Vent go “Did someone’s cat just die?” and sure enough; it was my Black Tabby. Everyone in Vent cracked up. I wouldn’t only bring this back for the day, because I remember the constant re-summoning my pet. That was a bit annoying. I want to see the Horde Balloon pet just pop!

Old Druid Cat Forms – Removed in Patch 3.2

Changes for the Week – That’s an easy one. When Hunters had mana. That’s when I excelled as a hunter, when I had mana and had Aspect of the Viper. I think a week would be long enough for me to get that out of my system. I will admit that hunters were a bit overpowered when they had mana, but it just seems to me that I’m not as good as a hunter with focus. Maybe it’s just a psychological thing for me. Maybe I would even bring back the old Cat forms. Why? Sure, they may not have been the best forms. I truly love the new forms a lot better. It would mainly be novelty purposes.

Permanent Changes – This was a hard one to think about. I honestly could only think of one thing, and that’s to bring the some of the Tier gear that isn’t available anymore. I would imagine that with Transmogging being available in the upcoming patch, I would think Blizzard will bring back some of the best tier look made available. I don’t want no fake copies! I want the darn original tier looks! Oh! Eyes of the Beast and Sentry Totem! These abilities didn’t have much use, so I can understand Blizzard wanting to remove them from the game. The only times I used it was to scout around, but why would Blizzard allow Warlocks to keep their Eye of Kil’rogg, but remove Eyes of the Beast and Sentry Totem?

Speaking of changes, I just read on MMO-Champion that “Holy Nova may become Discipline only, and interact with Evangelism in some way“. I say “NO WAY!” I love my holy nova as Holy! The word Holy is in Holy Nova! If they were going to make Holy Nova available to one spec only; in a sense, it should be Holy.



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8 Comments on "Shared Topic: Bringing back Changes…"

  1. Erinys November 14, 2011 at 8:12 PM -

    I definitely miss the old catforms. I know the Horde one in particular was a bit “odd” looking but I grew fond of it. Certainly a lot fonder than I am of the new Tauren forms.

    Surprised that Eyes of the Beast was removed from the game (can tell I haven’t played a hunter in a while) because mind vision and farsight are still with us. I remember Mr Harpy using Eyes of the Beast to kill more than person whilst they were hiding in town. Not to mention that’s how we pulled Geddon every week.

    • Sherry [Mia] November 14, 2011 at 11:22 PM -

      Yes, I didn’t even realize Eyes of the Beast was removed until I went to go take a screenshot with my best friend. Tried searching for it, but couldn’t find it. GRR! Oh well…

  2. Amerence November 14, 2011 at 9:13 PM -

    Heya Mia! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and contributed the idea for this week’s Shared Topic Idea At Blog Azeroth, I still yet to try and participate on this. Just got busy updating for the BA Thanksgiving event. If I will not able to catch up on this, I apologized. Anyway, I updated the Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event avatar so please edit it and copy the code at Blog Azeroth. Thanks again hon! glad you join the event! =)

    • Sherry [Mia] November 14, 2011 at 11:24 PM -

      Okie dokie :) I updated the BA Thanksgiving avatar. I cannot wait to see all the posts for the Thanksgiving event! ^_^ Great job for organizing it!

  3. Navimie November 15, 2011 at 8:31 AM -

    Thanks for the topic Mia! I was excited to join in :) I hope I didn’t wander too far off topic…

  4. Effraeti November 19, 2011 at 10:04 AM -

    Hiya, Mia! Kudos on the mention on WoWInsider! :)

    ~ Effy

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