It has begun…

Yea….Thank you Blizzard T_T haha. I used to be in the habit of checking my Myspace and Email everyday. Now As soon as I wake up… I bring Logan into the living room, eat, make my chocolate milk, and sign into World of Warcraft. My addiction is startng to grow back again. YAY! Although I do have good news… Michael and I went to the Movie theaters last night for the first time since…..uh The Dark Knight? That’s the last time I remember watching a movie. Either way, we watched Paul Bluart Mall Cop. I love Kevin James as a comedian so I figured that would be a good movie to watch this week. Next week, we are planning to watch The Unborn. *shivers* I dont like movies like that but we’ll see since it is only PG least last time I heard it was. I also talked to my hosting provider to SherryBuckle.Com…I changed my hosting package from $8 a month to $3 a month. This way, I can still afford to play World of Warcraft :P WOOT! haha. And now…..I go to World Of Warcraft. Call me! -END


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