I couldnt help myself. I started my World of Warcraft account last night. So that will put off my project only by a little. I took a couple of screenshots and sound effects that I think would be good for my AoD Project. Hopefully, I’ll get the project will be done by the end of the month. We’ll see. My shammy is now lvl 71. Probably 72 by the end of the night. Another reason why it’s taking me forever to actually start the project is because I keep having different ideas of how I want to portray the scene(s). They are all very good and it’s very difficult to decide which one i should use. Same thing with the opening scene. I want a gate to open the beginning scene…but the scene is what? hmmmm….I’ve written all these ideas down so I’ll eventually find a good one to follow. TTYL CALL ME! haha I’m bored



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