To the Gallon

I’m kinda been moody this past week. No, it’s not because of the hormones. Well, maybe it played a little part. My brother did end up coming to Florida, but I couldnt get the chance to see him until today; the day he is leaving. He was placed where I couldnt get to him unless I paid approx. 100buck to. I unfortunately dont have that kind of money at the moment T_T. This was my one chance to see him until who knows when. Blah….I’m sorry bro. I tried….

On top of that, my dad kinda pissed me off this week also. He kept asking questions about my brother that I already told him…I talked to my dad on Friday saying that TJ had landed in Florida that morning. I talked to my dad again on Saturday night….it went as follows:
Me: “I talked to TJ this morning.”
Dad: “Oh…how is he? Did you talk to him? Did he land in Florida yet?
Me: “….uh, Dad… I just told you he landed yesterday morning, AND I just talked to him
Dad: “you know what…you need to stop being Pregnant
WTF was that about? Ever since I have gotten pregnant, he assumes EVERYTHING I say is negative. Yesterday, I told him that I was actually looking very healthy now and happy about it. I dont look so skinny now, and my arms are huge compared to before. He pretty much said that “well, that’s what happens when you’re pregnant. You get Fat. Dont worry though, I wont call you a Fatso”…T_T like WTF! ugh……Parents…..

As for news about Logan, he’s fine. Had a doctor’s appointment on Friday, It went really well. I found out I gained 6 pounds in one week! Kinda surprised me b/c the previous week, I only gained 1/2 a pound. Must be all that Nequik and Milk I’ve been consuming. About a gallon of milk everyday. He’s been kicking a lot. It’s been getting harder and harder everyday to get up out of bed due to hip pains…T_T Getting harder everyday to just sit in a chair for longer than 20 minutes, I have to lie down on my side after that because I feel like I cant breathe. I dont know if I mentioned in the previous blogs but one of my blood work tests came back as my iron being a little low. So I’ve been taking these disgusting green iron pills. Ever since I started taking them, I dont get as tired as easily so YAY! I’m gonna go take a nap right now.



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One Comment on "To the Gallon"

  1. nikki March 19, 2008 at 3:49 AM -

    sherry! i’m so proud of you! sounds like your pregnancy is very healthy. i seriously can not wait ’till Logan comes! i’m sorry about your dad. i’m sure when you’re further along in your pregnancy, he’ll be more understanding.

    so jonathan alegre and i have formulated a really cute gift idea to send to florida. i think you might like it :)

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