Road Trip!!

Hello Guys,

Just figured I’d update the blog real quick. This Thursday, my brother is suppose to be coming down here to Florida for a Cheer Competition but I have yet gotten the chance to talk to him. This upcomnig Friday, I have another doctor’s Appt. I had one last Friday and I had to stay in the office for roughly 4 hours. They took blood from my arms every hour. It really sucked. Being pricked by a needle constantly hurts after a while T_T. Ths past Sunday, we ended up collecting all of Michael’s brother, Ron’s DVDs. ZOMG there is SOOOO many. We’re actually going to stop renting DvDs from NetFlicks because there is just so many to watch haha.

Logan has been kicking and moving constantly. I’m kinda nervous and scared about the day when he is actually born in this world. I’m sure everything will be fine. Today, Michael and I are suppose to be heading down to Winnie Palmer Hospital to see where it’s located. Sometime this week, we also need to rearrange our room to my liking for the baby. Our Nephew, Justin actually left us on Saturday to live with his parents in Texas. YaY for him being with his family again :) That’s pretty much it. I’m gonna go and get ready for the road trip to the Hospital.



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  1. Mama to Monkeys March 20, 2008 at 8:25 PM -

    I stumbled across your blog today somehow while searching for info about Winnie Palmer….

    Be sure to ask the tour guide about their cesarean rate. You might be shocked to learn that it is published at over 39% and any nurse there will tell you that when you count in preemies and multiples it is well over 50%. Now THAT is scary. You can find the info on

    The pain will be manageable, just keep moving and don’t get tethered into a bed….when you have your baby in your arms it stops, unless you have surgery, of course. That’s when it starts. :(

    Good luck with your upcoming birth. If you want more information on how to avoid surgery contact me at my blog. I run a cesarean, support, recovery and prevention group here in Orlando.


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