RawR, It’s Tuesday!

ok…so it’s Tuesday. Time for my weekly update to my blog. Ugh, Nothing much to update about. We had our nephew Justin stay the weekend with us so I kinda had to rush getting my dream video done. Hard to record or narrate when he’s constantly asking me questions and making noises while playing Halo :) haha. Soooo that’s done. I swear I hate the sound of my voice because it sounds soooo low self-esteem…plus I sound like a little girl. Oh well. Here’s the Video about my dream that I wanted to share with you guys. Keep in mind that I had to rush so it’s kinda crappy. Then again, most of my videos are, but they satisfy me ^_^

As for the baby…I’m currently 27 weeks pregnant. YaY! I’ve been doing nothing but laying down on my side and watching the baby inside me. It’s the cutest thing. OH! the cutest thing happened a couple days ago! I think it was Saturday…My husband was playing music all morning with lots of variety. He happened to stop the music because he was talking to our nephew. The baby ended up kicking me like crazy. I was laughing and jokingly said “Ahhh! Turn on some music the baby is acting up!!!” LOL. My husband turned on a song by Pantera – Walk. At that moment, the baby stopped moving. I was so surprised!!! I was like “oh no…Michael look what you did. It’s definitely your child…” haha. He laughed and smiled ^_^ It was an awesome moment.

I still dont know if it’s a boy or girl yet. I havent been to the doctor to find out because we’ve been waiting for my medicaid to come through. I checked on my medicaid status on Saturday and found out that I was approved. Today I am suppose to make an appointment with a doctor. I kind of dont want to make an appointment till my mediciad card comes, but my mother-n-law says it should be here by Today or Wednesday. I would still feel better if I actually had my card with me to make an appointment. OH! I also uploaded two pictures to show the size of my belly today too. Anyways, that’s all to update about. Till Next time…



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One Comment on "RawR, It’s Tuesday!"

  1. nikki February 28, 2008 at 7:12 AM -

    haha. that video was hilarious. interesting but definitely entertaining!

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