Break time for a Month!

Hello All!

Sorry, I haven’t been updating as much. This week has been very busy, and very well interesting. Probably the best week I’ve ever had in the past couple of months. 

Real life has been so crazy. Monday, my husband took me to class to take my Biology Final and got an 82% (B) on it. Definitely not my best grade on a Biology Exam, but I still got an overall 94% (A) in the class. I also took my State exam for my Math class, and I missed one question; so I passed with flying colors :D On the way home, I got a bit of a scare when I saw smoke coming from what seemed to by a fire. My mother-in-law called us up to tell us that it was a controlled burn, and also told how close to home it really was. It was REALLY close by. I should’ve taken a picture of smoke, but I didn’t think about it until after the fact. Tuesday, my husband and I didn’t have any classes; but we still got some errands done. My mother-in-law and I took my son to the park, while my husband went to a couple of stores. I also received a message on Facebook from a friend I made in Biology Class; who wanted me to take her to the Airport on Saturday.

Wednesday, I didn’t have any classes again but my husband had to take his Microbiology final. I ended up taking my son to the park again. Pretty much an uneventful day. Thursday, I had to take my Pharmacology final and I received a 90% on that. I couldn’t take my son to the park, because it was too cold :( Friday was suppose to be my household chores day, but plans got changed. My mother-in-law informed me that my brother-in-law (along with his wife) would be coming over to fix their two laptops. One of their laptops got infected with a Rogue program, and the other needed the operating system installed. Needless to say, that I felt so smart when I got both laptops working in awesome condition. :P Removed the Rogue software (thanks to BleepingComputer), installed a Norton Antivirus program (shush!), installed Skype on one laptop (for nephew), and installed MalwareBytesSaturday was the day I took my friend to the Airport. My husband and I drove 45 minutes to take her this airport that we’re never been to before. We have to pick her in about 3 weeks, and I hope she has a safe trip :) My husband and I started up our 1 DvD out part of Netflix, and received Cars 2 in the mail for our son to watch. Unfortunately, he didn’t see to interested in it like the first Cars. I also watched the Human Centipede (wished I never saw this), Gnomeo & Juliet, Dragonheart (pretty Draco), and Balto 3: Wings of Change on my computer.

Movies on Netflix!

As for World of Warcraft, I haven’t been playing all that much. Tuesday, I got to raid Dragon Soul on my priest and we downed down Morchok, and Yor’sahj on 25 man. We did attempts on Warlord Zon’ozz, and stupid stuff kept happening. We had one attempt where the Void stayed in Ranged group for some reason, and one where the void went WAY off coming back to the boss. We didn’t kill him…at least not that night. We killed him on Wednesday, and I do believe it’s because during one “attempt”; I switched from Holy to Discipline. I know that I didn’t kill the boss by myself. I’m just stating that I think my absorb bubbles help tremendously :P I passed on my tier gloves to get a sexy new haste trinket. It might have been a dumb decision to some people, but I didn’t think I deserved Tier. I’m always falling asleep, and missing raids. I really needed a new trinket too. We did about 4 attempts on Harga before we ended up killing her. We had to called the raid because we reached our raid time. I will say that the fights in Dragon Soul is fun so far. Other than that, I haven’t been playing WoW. I log on to do my Darkmoon Dailies, and then log off to go watch some TV. I still have yet to try out the raid finder T_T Hopefully, tonight will be a good night to try it out.

Now that I’m done with school for about a month, I’m hoping to enjoy it and relax by watching a lot of movies. School has got me a little behind on my Movie Watch list, so I plan to catch up a bit! ^_^



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3 Comments on "Break time for a Month!"

  1. Amerence December 11, 2011 at 11:20 AM -

    Aww, We will miss you! Hope you come back soon! Have Fun Mia, Keep in touch via twitter though! Take care and also I created a new blog so hope you add that in your blog roll too! Thanks hon! Take care!

  2. Jamin (@JaminToTheTop) December 12, 2011 at 4:39 AM -

    Let the good times roll XD

  3. Draccus December 14, 2011 at 5:06 PM -

    Ah fond memories of Dragonheart, used to own it on VHS and about wore it out watching it so many times. Honestly the best voice over that Sir Sean Connery ever did. Draco really gave that movie wings. Dennis Quaid did a great job acting as well. Just watched Gnome & Juliet last night with oldest of our two alts.

    But, I get sidetracked on movies. Easily done that is for sure. Netflix the shiny object that creates those time voids of watching movies from years pass and adding to that endless queue of instant plays…. Ok stopping.

    Glad to see you are taking time for the family in real life, those high resolution avatars are definitively worth more of your time. The kiddos grow up so fast and I’m sure the hubby likes the quality time too. Enjoy the time, we will be here when you get back to us. Catch you around the Twittersphere.

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