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Hello Everyone!
I just wanted to take the time to  add to Cym’s guest post. Thank for the post, Cym! ^_^ I also wanted to apologize. I received your email around the 22th. I have a TON of email addresses, and I usually set up my emails to forward to my personal gmail account. I forgot to do that with my Chronicle Of Mia account T_T  Sorry it took so long.

– Mia

P.S – My gift to Saif from Raiding After Dark is posted here.

Since Mia is indisposed tending to other matters right now, I’ve taken the opportunity to help a fellow Priest out. So here I am donning the guest writer hat where ordinarily you can find me writing about my exploits at Bubbles of Mischief.

I admit I didn’t know much about Mia being new to the Blogging community, but it didn’t take me long to find that we were kindred spirits – Blood Elves, Disc Priest, Altoholics and Fashion are just some of the things Mia and I have in common. So in light of this, I thought I’d share the Top 5 addons that I like to use.

1. Altoholic – is an addon I’ve been using for years. I did disable for about a yr or so due to gradual improvements in the Blizzard UI plus other addons I use which seem to mimic the behaviour of this addon, although not to the same degree. I have only recently started to use it again primarily due to the fact that I can search for an item across all my toons, either Alliance or Horde or even cross-servers. So if you have a lot of toons like me it’s well worth trying.

2. MogIt – is something I’ve only just discovered and one no serious fashion victim lover should be without; since it will help you find the perfect item for your Transmogrification set!

Now I know there are other ways to do this, via Model viewer and Wowhead but think in-game previews. I realise some of the costume die-hards will happily stand at the AH naked, just to see how a particular item will look on them without interference from other things. What this addon will do is provide you with a preview button wearing just the item you’re highlighting and nothing else. It even rotates the character for you… for a ‘does my bum look big in this?‘ self evaluation.

Not only that but whenever you see an item that is able to be transmog’ed (green items and above); as soon as you highlight the item in the quest log, AH, or when looting, you get the auto preview. I just wish I knew about this feature the day 4.3 hit as I would have kept the quest reward wand from the new dungeon. The benefit of hindsight, right?

3. Ingela’s Rapture – Simply put, it’s a lightweight and highly configurable addon that gives you an internal CD bar for Rapture.

4. _NPCScan – Is a handy little addon that’s useful for auto-targeting rare mobs. It works by checking your creature cache the moment a rare mob is found. If the mob hasn’t been discovered yet by the addon, it will alert you to it’s presence. But once a mob is “found”, _NPCScan won’t be able to find it again until your cache is cleared. Not a huge deal though for what the addon gives you.

Taken from the Curse Gaming website

5a). Bagnon – merges all of your bags into three windows: inventory, bank and guild bank. Although there are a few inventory addons which give you an all-in-one functionality, Bagnon will also highlight items using the search feature, colour code based on quality, identify quest or junk items and let you view your inventory/bank of any character anywhere.

5b). Adibags – on the other hand displays the all-in-one bag through several sections using smart filters. If you use the item set feature from the Blizzard gear manager then it will list all those items together for you in one section. Other filtered sections include, junk items, quest items, mail, cloth, plate, trade goods and free space.

So if you’re looking for an addon to make your life a little bit more organised, then I encourage you to try any of the above. Wishing you all a safe and happy festive season.

– Cym


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3 Comments on "BlogAzeroth’s FFW Post Exchange!"

  1. Cymre December 29, 2011 at 10:19 AM -

    Just glad you received it. I know you said you don’t celebrate this time of year so hence my top addon list :)

  2. red cow December 31, 2011 at 3:33 AM -

    NPCscan is the greatest! For whatever reason, I still run SilverDragon alongside it…it alerts me to all the low level rares that no one cares about >_>

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