The Break of Heroes…

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So things have been a bit crazy in the game of World of Warcraft. The horde guild that I love so much is falling apart by the day. I know that Blood of Heroes vXv has been through a lot in the past 6 years and I’ve only been a member for the past 2 years, but this time I am worried. If you have read my previous post, you would know a little bit about the Dwarven Brotherhood guild. As much as the majority of the members in Blood of Heroes would like to assume the foundation of how the Dwarven Brotherhood came to be, the intentions brought by a good old friend were not ill ones.

Elitegd, a well-known resto shaman who actively participated in BoH raids/events, has recently transferred his character over to the Stormreaver server and has created an alliance guild called “The Dwarven Brotherhood”. The Dwarven Brotherhood was made as a home for all BoH members who wish to join Elitegd on the new server for fun. Normally, I would assume that he was recruiting BoH members, but that was not the case. Elitegd made it possible so that the raids of the Dwarven Brotherhood did NOT interfere with the 25 man raids led by the Blood of Heroes vXv guild. Elitegd also recommended to other BoH members to NOT transfer their mains, because it would start drama with the guild and it could also interfere with BoH’s 25 man raid. Some members of the BoH guild think Elitegd is a traitor and a backstabber, but they don’t have all the facts. I was there when Elitegd made the Dwarven Brotherhood. It was suppose to be a fun thing to go as a guild on a different server. Blood of Heroes vXv has been struggling with day-to-day activities. Most members logged on to raid  for the 25 man raid on Tuesday & Wednesday. Other than that, members would go and play on alts on the same or a different server.

So yesterday, Dwarven Brotherhood was able to form a 10 man raid. Being that most of the Dwarven Brotherhood were still Blood of Heroes vXv members on their mains, most would assume it was ok to use the BoH ventrilo server. After Elitegd got permission from a couple of officers to use the ventrilo server as part of a courtesy, they started their 10 man raid. In the middle of the 10 man raid, the current BoH guild leader came in and basically told Elitegd that he should’ve asked permission from the guild leader himself. All heck broke loose. To make a long story short, Elitegd got a vent server and people ended up transferring their mains off of Archimonde to Stormreaver. It broke my heart when all of this drama was going on. Yes, I understand why everyone is upset and decide to go their separate ways. It still breaks my heart that after all the raids we’ve been through and tolerated, friendships were being broken from this drama. I do not think Elitegd is a backstabber, nor do I think the BoH guild leader is in the wrong. I just wished it was handled differently. To talk ill of either members of BoH or Dwarven Brotherhood is just not cool, regardless of one’s personal experiences…

So where am I at? And what is the future for Blood of Heroes? Blood of Heroes is shortening their raids from 25 man to 10 man. I’m not server transferring, but my husband is in the process of transferring his hunter over to Stormreaver. I plan on leveling up my druid that I made on Stormreaver to 85. She’s not going to be my new main, because I’ll still be logging on my priest every Tuesday & Wednesday to see if I’m needed for BoH’s 10 man raid. There are still people in Blood of Heroes that I hold dear in my heart, and I could never choose between the two guilds. I just hope that everyone from both guilds understand that even though we have this drama going on, they realize what their actions are and how its affecting others. Yes, this may be a game but there are real human beings out there in that game. A game that we all enjoy playing together…

I wish the best of luck to everyone, and I hope that even though we’re going our separate ways…
we don’t forget the friends we’ve made…I love you all! <3


  p.s – Please keep in mind, that this is obviously not the whole story from both parties about the drama. I just summarized. Your opinion of which party was in the right based on this post, well…that is just nonsense. LOL!


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