Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2

Hello All,

Quick post. It was my 24th Birthday yesterday. I didn’t do much. One of my best friends in High school, Damian gave me one of my favorite games of all time for my birthday. KINGDOM HEARTS!!! I also have KINGDOM HEARTS 2! ^_^  This past week was our Spring Break and I’ve been trying to enjoy it. Tomorrow, it’s back to class. Ugh…I don’t want to.

Olympia Coliseum

Traverse Town

On the bright side, my husband got his Beta invite for Mists of Pandaria. I have yet to actually play on his account, but based on the videos that I’ve seen. The female Pandaren is SO cute!  I also have recently purchased Starcraft 2, and I am loving it. I never thought I would be into Starcraft, but it’s actually a pretty fun game. I also recently tried League of Legends, but I didn’t care for that one. The graphics and animations looked really awesome, but the gameplay I didn’t care for. Right now, I’m just waiting for Diablo 3 and Mists of Pandaria to come out. Until then, I’ll be playing Starcraft and enjoying Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2.


P.S – Actually right now, I have to catch up with homework that’s due tomorrow! O_o


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2 Comments on "Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2"

  1. Erinys April 9, 2012 at 9:54 AM -

    Happy belated Birthday.