Future Releases & Dragon Nest…

Hello All,

Seeing as how I am awake at 5AM after going to bed at 8pm, I decided to write a short post about my recent adventures in Dragon Nest. Before I get into that topic, I would like to mention that I am super excited for the release of Diablo 3 next week on the 15th! Who’s excited? This girl! I have so many games that I want to try out this year: Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2, and WoW: Mists of Pandaria!

*In reference to my little image* Oh,when will I ever find the time to fully appreciate these games! Instead of playing World of Warcraft lately, I have been playing Dragon Nest with my friend Damian! Playing a male cleric or a female sorceress, while my friend Damian plays his level 30 male cleric. I haven’t even downloaded the Mists of Pandaria Beta! Even though school has been out for a full week, I feel as though I’m still preoccupied. Not to mention adding serious dedication to potty training my son to my list.

On a different note, I recently finished my Fushigi Yuugi series! This would be my 3rd time finishing the series since I first found out about it in High school 10 years ago! Woot! I absolutely love that series so much! I still don’t know who my favorite character is, but lots of my friends tell me I am like Miaka, which is why I chose that name as a persona in some games, such as World of Warcraft and Dragon Nest!

Speaking of Dragon Nest…

Left: My Cleric, Miaca. Right: Damian's Cleric

My Sorceress: Miahca

I haven’t decided which toon I put focus on more. I’m definitely liking my sorceress a bit more because of the dependency and effects of her magic spells, but I am SO much better on the cleric. I tend to lean towards the melee aspect of my cleric, instead of spells. I’m also digging how my sorceress has purple hair! ^_^ Anyways, I think I shall play some Dragon Nest before my son wakes up to start off my day.



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  1. Mabaho May 24, 2012 at 4:35 AM -

    Ah, I remember FY… haven’t thought about that in ages. Miaka, always running off in a pout and getting herself stuck so her friends have to rescue her :) I remember that in my high school about 20 years ago!

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