The Release of D3…

Hello All,

So the release for Diablo 3 happened approximately 2 days ago, and I am currently addicted to it. Unfortunately the Battle.Net servers are down, so I decided to write a post about experience in Diablo 3. For my first “hero”, I made a female wizard and she’s currently almost level 20. She’s awesome, and I love her. After killing a bunch of mobs, she says my thoughts out loud with “I’m so good. I astound myself.” I burst into laughter every time. I also haven’t been playing as much Diablo 3 as I would like to, because I am currently sharing my laptop with my husband so he is able to play the game too. His laptop’s processor and video card is not supported by Diablo 3. With the help of MaxFreak’s tweaks and lowering my husband’s resolution to 800×600 though, he was able to play the game! There is still some major lagg though. Needless to say, we were tempted to buy a new computer but decided to wait until we had some income. Until then my husband and I would take turns playing Diablo 3 on my laptop, which runs Diablo 3 with ease. ^_^ Makes me feel great knowing how much I spend and that I’m able to run Diablo 3 smoothly, while some of my other peers cannot run it at all after spending over $1,500 on their machines.

As far as Diablo 3 goes, I am currently loving the game. There are some features that I wish it had (such as changing the text size, and a toggle to disable Windows Key…) and I wish Blizzard would get their minions all in line and not shut down the servers so much, other than that I have no problems with Diablo 3. I usually am not the kind of person that gets too much into the overall lore/story of the game. The lore/story in Diablo 3 is very intriguing, and it makes me wish I knew the story in the first two Diablo games. Heck, it almost makes me want to read the novels. I also love how if you join a game as a single player, you have the option to have a “follower” or an NPC that follows you around and assists you. The best part is you get to choose the NPC! (After unlocking them through quests). Oh yes, I cannot wait to get to max level 60 and see how it is ^_^ I have also crossed paths with Leoric’s Shinbone and Liquid Rainbow which is two of the many items needed for unlocking Whimsyshire (The Secret Cow Level). **Note to self: Don’t throw away items without checking to see what they are first. ** I also ran across Wirt’s Bell, but you have to purchase it for 100K gold. I have nowhere near that much gold. /sadface.

Anyways, Sunday is my son’s 4th birthday. We got our above-ground swimming pool up and I am excited to show off my son’s swimming skills! He’s like a little Nemo! Hopefully, it won’t rain the next couple of days and we’ll be able to swim in it by my son’s birthday! Ok. back to Diablo 3 for me.



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