Technology can help bring a Family Together…

Hello Everyone!

I am extremely tired, but I believe it’s because I’ve worn my brain out. I recently made a website for my brother and as easy as it was to set it up, it was a lot of work. Why did I make one for him? My brother and I are very close and unfortunately, he lives across the country from me. We have managed by using the phone for calls, Skype, and Facebook. So my brother is pursuing a career in modeling, and asked if I would create him a website once he gets more gigs. I obviously told him that I have NO training with building a website, but I said yes anyways. After all, he is my brother. After I got off the phone with my brother, I started thinking about my website. I believe it has about 6 more months before it expires, so I was looking at hosting plans to get an idea how much to save up until then. That’s when I found out my hosting plan can host multiple websites with multiple domains. So I gave him a call and ask if I can create one for him now. He was like “sure, because it’ll give you something to do”, which is true but I had no idea where to start. Well it’s not as bad with the help of Google, WordPress, and Tutorials. I also set up a domain for him, Unfortunately, his first domain ¬†choices were taken, but that’s why the “01” is there. Yay! So proud of him, and I miss him. As you can tell by his own little widget on my sidebar….

On the other side, my dad recently found out how to upload videos from his phone to YouTube. This is great because my dad has been sending me videos of everything he wants to show me such as his new apartment, and a cute friendly dog! It’s almost as if I am actually there with him as he’s talking in the video. I love it, especially because he doesn’t feel weird when people look at him. Wouldn’t you give weird looks to a guy holding his phone up to a mirror and waving? In Public? Yes, that’s my dad. I love him. And yes, those videos are on Private so no worries! I call and Skype with my Dad from time to time, and I hope he knows how much I miss him.¬†Obviously, I am in a bit of a happy mood. Unfortunately, I’m sure some of you understand that Technology can also drive people apart. I don’t want to go into that, because I’m in a happy mood. All smiles here! oh yea!

Onto the gaming world, I recently entered a contest to win a beta key to a game called Renaissance Heroes. The contest was being held by Beso, and I honestly didn’t think I had a chance when I entered because there was only about 6 hours left before the winners were announced. But YAY, I won. Woot! You can read my little experience about the game here. Speaking of reviews, I also wrote one for another game that’s in Beta called SMITE. (click here to read it)



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2 Comments on "Technology can help bring a Family Together…"

  1. Cymre June 28, 2012 at 11:34 PM -

    Great idea with the site and I agree, technology is great for keeping up with friends and family :)

  2. Pad July 6, 2012 at 5:30 PM -

    glad to see everyones keeping you busy you should make a side buisness of making websites. Who knows u might get lucky

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