Same Game. New Friends…

Hello Everyone!

I didn’t really want to write this post, but I know I have been slacking on my blog posts. I have a good excuse though! Sort of. I made a new friend, and his name is Joe. I originallyI’ve been playing some F2P games with him such as Blacklight Retribution. I’ve been leveling a Tauren Shaman named Miakka on Bleeding Hollow with him. He is a wonderful and hilarious human being, and I recommend watching his videos. It’s Summer here where I live and it’s HOT! I’m surviving though. My son has been perfect and doing well. I’m a bit nervous about my classes which start in August but I am excited too. I think I’ll do well in it. ^_^ I kind of might just do some Vlogs for a bit instead of writing a blog post. Do some commentaries while I play some games. It’s getting harder and harder to write about stuff when….nothing is happening really. We’ll see next time! :P

Death of Joe in Wailing Caverns.

Joe’s Twitter: @WoWMartiean
Joe’s YT:¬†


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  1. Navimie July 13, 2012 at 2:11 AM -

    Weird. I was sure I left a comment about this! Maybe it was on Twitter… But hey your site looks really neat! Great new look!

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