An Announcement for an Upcoming Contest…


A video to announce a contest coming up on July 29, 2012 at 4PM Pacific (7PM Eastern). The contest is being hosted by the WoW Gold Titans: Aeonknight & Valinet, and will be live streamed at Guest Participants for the contest are myself and Zarxces.

We will be creating Diablo 3 Hardcore Characters.
4 different characters classes to be chosen by lottery on day of stream.
Lottery will determine the order in which players choose their class.

– Prizes awarded for three contests: –

Contest #1 – Multiple Winners Correctly guess which of the participants dies first

Contest #2 – Multiple Winners Correctly guess when the first person dies (+/- 1 min)

Contest #3 – Multiple Winners Correctly guess the last person standing

** If after 4 hours not all persons have died, continue on different stream **
– Allowed to recast your guess for the next stream TBA at later date

– Voting Info –

– Voting is open so be sure to submit your guesses to the WoWGoldTitans Facebook page or on Twitter at @WoWGoldTitans. Don’t forget to share and/or tweet this contest to your friends.

– WoWGoldTitans Info –


– Zarxces Info –

YouTube Channel:

– Prizes –

Prizes are WoW TCG Loot cards, $5-10 Steam games, Path of Exile Beta keys, play time with the streamers, a SMITE Beta Key, and possibly more. If you have any questions, please contact the WoWGoldTitans.

1) A Beta Key to ‘SMITE’:
2) Beta Keys to ‘Path of Exile’:
3) Your Choice for one of the $5-10 Steam Games –
4) WoW TCG Loot Cards:
5) Playtime with Streamers.

– WoWGoldTitans Announcement Video –


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  1. wisperhunter July 23, 2012 at 5:04 PM -

    Good luck with the contest :)

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