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Hello Everyone,

I know it’s been a while since I actually wrote a blog post about something (other than the Contest Announcement post). I actually have been busy keeping what little of a social life that I have. haha. I have been playing all kinds of games with some of my friends that I have made through YouTube. To be honest, I am surprised I have this many games on my computer but I’ll take it.  For once, it is very nice to have a variety of games besides World of Warcraft on my hard drive. I also still am into recording videos, so you may see me add videos to my channel on YouTube from time to time.

To make this blog post a bit easier, I decide to break it up into sections and stick to the topics.

– Diablo 3 –

I kind of hit a wall on my wizard in Inferno mode, so I haven’t really been playing D3. When I do, it’s most likely to farm or help friends level up to 60. My husband came up with a build that’s based off of Crit, but it has boosted my survivability in Inferno. I can basically keep my cooldowns such as Diamond Skin and Frost nova up all the time. I can basically spam them and not take any damage. It’s not a perfect build, but it works the majority of the time with me 24% critical chance. I also recently participated in a contest that was being hosted by friends: WoW Gold Titans. That went rather well. I had a couple of real life friends come by the live stream to support me. Some actually won prizes too.

– League of Legends –

I tried out LoL a couple months back because my younger brother played the game, but I didn’t really care for it. I ended up uninstalling LoL because it was just taking up space. My husband has gotten into League of Legends here recently and as much as I didn’t want to, I end up downloading it again. This time around, I am pretty happy with it. I have found a champion that I absolutely love and it is Soraka. Bonus points because she’s purple! I’m sure there are other champions that I will enjoy playing as. But for now, I’m perfectly content with Soraka. Currently, I’m only level 8 but I’m sure I’ll level up in no time.  Also, I really am tempted to get the Divine skin for Soraka but I probably will not get it. I plan on making a League of Legends video, but I’m not sure how to execute it.

– Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 –

During the Stream Summer Sale (7/18-7/22), my brother ended up getting me the Left 4 Dead bundle. I try to play this mostly when my son is asleep, otherwise he  would be constantly watching the screen and L4D is not an appropriate game for a 4 year old. It really sucks that I cannot play it when he is awake because that’s when all my friends are on, but I’ll live. I’ve tried out survival mode with some friends, and our best time was four minutes. haha. Definitely not the best, but I imagine with some practice we’d be awesome. If not, at least I’ll have some fun playing with friends and blowing up boomers or shooting smokers.

– Blacklight Retribution –

To be honest, I’m not sure how I came across this game….Oh well. Even if I do play horribly  at this game (I cannot stress that enough), it’s a fun game to play with friends and a bit different compared to most first person shooters.  Nothing much to say about this game other than I have met a European who likes to kill his opponents by holding onto a grenade longer than he should. That’s right. Causing Death by Kamikaze. Oddly enough, he is very good at it and it’s hilarious.

– Microvolts –

Unfortunately, I mostly play this game by myself. It’s cute and I frikkin’ rock at it. Ok, not really but I’m not as bad at Microvolts as I am in Blacklight Retribution. The characters or “toy dolls” are all so adorable and fun to play. I like to play this game from time to time for fun. There’s something about it that makes it relaxing to play compared to Borderlands and Blacklight Retribution.

– Terraria –

I frikkin’ love this game. I never thought I would because of its lack of graphics, but it’s a fun game to play. All you have to do to advance in the game is farm resources and kill monsters. I also like the variety this game brings from Pixies & Unicorns to Zombies & Demons. I’ve always wanted to try Minecraft, and Terraria is a cheaper 2D alternative. Hard to believe that I have only owned it for about two weeks, and I have logged almost 160 hours into it. I also ended up making a Terraria Server where some of my friends can join without me being logged into the game. We made a house that has a “duck room”, and I built a pixel mushroom on my mushroom farm. I also found plugins where I can have control over the server. It’s pretty nice because I can make bosses appear out of nowhere. I need to make a video of that in the future…

– DC Universe Online –

I just recently started playing this because of a friend. I have the free-to-play version, and I already made two characters who are both magic heroes. I am particularly fond of my 2nd character that I made, simple because she’s a healer. I’ve always been the kind of girl who supports her friends in their adventures, so I’ve always been a healer kind of person. I am not surprised how revealing some of the clothing this game has, but I’m just glad you can find some pieces that don’t reveal as much skin.

– Borderlands –

One of my best friends from high school surprised me with the Game of the Year edition of this game during the Steam Summer Sale. I haven’t played it much because I’ve been playing other games but from what I have experienced, it is a great game. A combination between a roleplaying game and a first person shooter. My first character that I made was a Siren. I really despise some of the objectives in this game because they are sometimes a bit challenging, but it’s great fun overall. I will also like to add that I love that they added vehicles to the game, because we all know walking long distances is a pain in the butt.

– World of Warcraft –

Of course. Good old World of Warcraft. Mists of Pandaria is expected to be released next month and I am excited! I haven’t pre-ordered  yet though. Why? I’m not sure why. Mainly because I’m really tempted to buy the Digital Collector’s edition. I haven’t really played the Beta so I have no idea how Mists of Pandaria is going to. I actually recently uninstalled the Beta Client because I wasn’t playing it much. BUT…I installed the Beta Client on my computer yesterday because I was really curious about it. So far, I am liking it. I have yet to see something that disappoints me, other than the Pet Battles. I knew it was going to be similar to Pokemon, but not that much. Oh well, I imagine I would still be getting into Pet Battles with the expansion comes out. Also, I have decided to take on the challenge of leveling alts so I have one of each class for each faction. That would make it 20 character to level 85, or I should say Level 90 because of the expansion. Why? My husband is taking this task as well, and I felt like I should show my support by doing it as well. Yes, I’m insane…but I have already made up my mind. So Project 9+1 is now going to be Project 21. Why?? When I am only going to be leveling 20 characters? Oh because I forgot to mention that I will also be leveling a character to play with friends. Oh and my goal is to do all this by next year. That’s right. On top of real life…GOSH! I’m insane…

and finally,

– Real Life –

Obviously, this is not all the games I have on my PC. These are only the ones I have been playing for the past month. I honestly never realized how much gaming I have done until I started listing them all. If you have made it this far in the post, awesome job for reading my wall of text. Hang in there, just a little bit longer! One more section to go!

School is going to start for me in about 21 days. I am super nervous about it, because I have no idea how “overwhelmed” I will be with this semester’s classes. I have never underestimate the content in my classes since I have started college, even if it is only two classes. I also am nervous because I plan on seeing my mother within the next couple of weeks, and I haven’t seen her since 2009. Not to mention that she will be bringing over some family friends that I haven’t seen since….I was 14? About 11 years ago. I’m sure the visit will be fine, but I am still going to fret over it. I am also trying to find a preschool for my son before he goes into Kindergarden next yeat. Other than that, I have been making videos with some friends and hanging out in Twitter.

That’s all. There should be an achievement for reading this wall of text.



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