End of 2012 Post…

Hey Everyone,

After reading a bit of my post from last year, I decided to end my “2012 year” with a short blog post. Let’s see in 2012, I have accomplished a lot in the past year.

1) Real Life – I got a bit of a break from school during the summer and started my Medical Coding & Billing program in the Fall. I ended up getting an A in both of my classes. I also learned a lot about the Medical field and the positions available to me, once I have completed the program. I am still a bit nervous about what the future will bring, but I am hoping that eventually that I gain enough confidence to really reach my potential. My son has been a little angel, and I cannot believe how fast he is growing. I wish he would slow down, so I can have a little bit more time =/Also usually around this time of year, I get down in the dumps because well, it’s the “holidays”. It’s usually the time when families get together, and I miss my family back in California. If all goes well this year, hopefully I can finally see them again.

2) General WoW – I became an Officer in my guild, Dark Tendencies! I met a lot of other WoW players via YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch! Not only did I get my violet Proto Drake from completing all the achievements during the holiday events, but I also finally got Lumpy!! Granted, I had help from a guildy who already had him but at least I got him! I recently started raiding again, and I am loving it. I just hope that with the upcoming school semester, that I will still be able to continue raiding or at least have time to level up my Female Pandaren Hunter!

WoWScrnShot_122512_2314313) Videos/Streaming – Being a new addition as an Officer in my guild, one of my responsibilities is making a videos to help promote my guild. So you may see some more videos by me with my guild’s crest included. Sometimes you may also see my videos on just my guild’s YouTube Page. All in all, I love making informative videos. I find that Tutorials are my strong suit, plus I love showing people what they don’t know. :) I recently got into streaming on Twitch.tv! Thanks to a couple of my friends who already do it! Speaking of which, I haven’t done that in a while…

4) New Year’s Resolutions? – Hmm…Excel in my classes, Be more active and work out, and be able to live another healthy year. Obviously, I have more goals than that for this year but this is what I hope to achieve at a minimal.




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