Same Transmog in 4 Ways…

Hello everyone,

Seeing as how the Spring Semester starts for me tomorrow, I thought I would share my recent transmogging. So far, the purple transmog outfit is my absolute favorite. I managed to find recolored versions of it and yes, I collected them all! I haven’t come across any problems with bracers showing, so I didn’t list any in the outfits. The pieces that stay the same are mainly Helm, Gloves, and Belt across all these outfits. I also have my mace and off hand transmogged, but they are not all the important.

Purple Transmogging


Shoulders: Light-Mantle of the Incarnate – Tier 4 shoulders that you can buy by turning in the Tier 4 token in Shattrath. The token itself drops off the first boss in Gruul’s lair.
Chest: Cat Lover’s Vest – Quest reward from the Nesingwary Tiger quests. It’s also the ONLY purple option for the same chest model. You could also use Soulcloth Vest as a nice yet different alternative.
Legs: Twisted Leggings – I personally got mine from a quest reward in Feralas, but there are many other quests that you get this model as a reward.
Boots: Ruthless Gladiator of Cruelty – I got my boots off of honor back in Cataclysm. According to WoWHead, you can buy this with honor in Dalaran. I also got High Councillor’s Boots from the auction house as an alternative.

Green Transmogging


Over on the right is the green version of this transmog outfit, or as I call it the “Link” version. I want a change from the color purple, I usually use this color.
Shoulders: Gladiator’s Mooncloth Mantle – As you can tell, this is the recolored version of Tier 4 shoulders. You can buy this chest piece with honor from an Area 51 vendor in Netherstorm.
Chest: Ivycloth Tunic – This is a BoE drop from level 27-30 mobs. I just bought from from the auction house for 100g. There is also a lighter color BoE version named Conjurer’s Vest that drops from level 35-38 mobs
Legs:  Artisan’s Trousers – A quest reward in Dustwallow Marsh. I believe this is also the only green version of these legs.
Boots: Councillor’s Boots– These boots are BoE that drop off level 54-56 mobs. I bought mine off the auction house.

Gold Transmogging – BROWN –

Shoulders: Heroes’ Shoulderpads of Faith – This is a recolored version of Tier 3. You can buy these shoulders in Dalarn by turning the Tier 7 token that drops in Naxxramas.
Chest: Durable Tunic – Another lovely BoE that I bought from the auction house. This BoE drops off level 31-36 mobs.
Legs: Mizzy’s Dungarees – I got these from as a Quest Reward in the Southern Barrens, but there are many other quests where you get this model as a reward.
Boots:  Slavehandler’s Footpads – Unfortunately, I went with these because I couldn’t find boots that were similar to the Councillor’s Boots.

Blue Transmogging– BLUE – 

Shoulders: Merciless Gladiator’s Mooncloth Mantle – Recolored version for Teir 5. I got these PvP shoulders with honor back in Burning Crusade, but you can purchase them with honor from the Area 51 in Netherstorm. I understand that they don’t completely match with the rest of the outfit, but I still feel like it works.
Chest: Sorcerer Drape – I actually tried to farm this chest piece because it was not listed on the auction house at the time. I farmed for  it every day about a week before it finally showed up on the auction house. It was pretty expensive too, about 1500g. Totally worth it though as it is the only blue version for this chest model. You can also get
Legs: Coldbringer’s Leggings – This was a quest reward from one of the Dungeon quests for Razorfen Downs. This is the only blue leg version for this model.
Boots: Netherweave Boots – I originally went with these boots until here recently when I got Mistscape Boots from the auction house.

And that is all the outfits! I really need to stop collecting pieces because I am slowly running out of room in both my bank and void storage. I am also not sure when I will write my next blog post, but I’ll post as much as real life allows me. I am currently waiting on my son’s application for school. Once that is approved, he’ll be going to school every day. I have a lot more on my plate for this school semester and I already talked with my guild that school may conflict with raiding. Overall, I am a bit nervous about this semester but I’m sure I’ll be fine. Wish me luck!




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  1. Nikola January 15, 2013 at 10:35 AM -

    All of them are amazing ,but I think that the green one is the best….my opinon :)

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