Busy bee with a Birthday…

Hello Everyone!

Okay, so I have been busy the past couple of months! First things first, I was surprised to receive a birthday cake from my guild leader. You would think: “Oh wow. Your guild leader got you a cake, so what?” Well, some may or may not know that my birthday is the day before April Fools. My guild leader of Dark Tendencies thought it would be great (as in hilarious) if I had a cake with a Penis decoration. That’s right, the male organ: A Penis. I will admit that I thought it was hilarious but I actually was a little bit embarrassed by the whole thing, mainly because I live with my in-laws. How do you explain that someone whom you have never met online and only know through a MMO game bought you a birthday cake with a penis on it? Simply saying just that. Nevertheless, my in-laws thought it was hilarious and the cake was delicious. The best part of the cake was not the penis itself but the fact that my guild leader made sure the inscription said “Happy Birthday from Dark Tendencies. Make a wish and blow.”  Now, I’m not going to put a picture of the entire cake but I will post one of the last pictures I took of it.

Another thing that has been keeping me busy besides school is friends. When I was pregnant with my son and new to the city, I was looking for playgroups for him in the area. I found a website called “MeetUp”  where there are groups for you to join and events are held to meet up with people who have similar interests. Out of curiosity, I found a group that consists of WoW players. Keep in mind that I joined this WoW Meetup group in 2007 and until about two weeks ago, I have never been to a single event. My first WoW meetup event was fun and I made a few friends who not only played WoW but other games like League of Legends. Some of my old friends, (some of you may know them as the WoW Gold Titans) made a streaming show called “Alt Tabbed Gaming Show” where they talk about games they want or have played in the week. I would like to say I am a frequent guest on that show and it usually streams every Sunday at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific) on their stream.

gw007Guild Wars 2 just had their free Trial weekend and I was able to snag two trial keys for me and my husband. After a full weekend of playing it, I am a bit hooked. I upgraded my trial account to a full one, and I am having loads of fun on my Norn Ranger. What I like most about the game is exploring a new world. It is so beautiful look at the mountains and trees compared to what I am used to in World of Warcraft. I also love the subtle interactions you have in the game like playing with baby snow leopards or feeding salmon to a baby bear. And no, it’s not a part of a quest or an objective, it’s just a random thing you can do in-game. Just because!

Okay to be honest, there are a lot more things I can talk about such as how I am handling with my son being in school, how I am with school, how I am also into playing League of Legends and getting out of my comfort zone of playing a Support Champion, or how I am trying to post videos on YouTube…but I am not. I’m going to end this post right here, mainly because I am starting to nod off as I am typing this. Side note: Running on inadequate amounts of sleep is bad for you.




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