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Greetings Everyone!

So for those that haven’t noticed, some blog posts are missing from my website. Why? Long story short, I forgot to backup my website. I had finished updating my website to the new wordpress version. Unfortunately, the new wordpress update was being all wonky and not cooperating with me as far as coding goes. I decided as a last resort that I would roll back my website (mainly my SQL databases) to where everything worked great. Now the new wordpress update works great! The consequence? I forgot to update my database before I did. When I selected the most recent “backed up” database, I thought it said “12 hours ago”. When in reality, it was “222 days & 12 hours ago”. So every website change, blog post, images uploaded, etc. that I have uploaded or made since May 2013 is gone. That also means I’ll have to redo some of the pages on here that were previously here before I did the rollback.

I am a bit furious because there are some sentimental posts that are now gone that I am going to miss. I am just thankful it wasn’t worse. So in a short post, I’m going to make a image list to wrap up the past 9 months.

1) Card-making, Tangled Glass Lanterns, and Japanese Candy – Made these in January 2013
2) New Job since July 2013 – Still working too at the job!
3) Art! – Got my first commission done for a YouTube Channel
4) My first Anime figure!
5) Kingdom Heart necklaces from a friend
6) Painting with my son

That’s all for now.




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