Flu = no fun…

Greetings Everyone!

I have been sick with the Flu (Influzena B according to my doctor) since the 11th. I went into work on Tuesday morning of March 11th, and stayed about an hour before going home. I thought it was just a cold and I would be over it in a few days. When Thursday came around, I still was feeling horrible. My work requires a physician’s note after two days so I went to the doctor later that day. I didn’t see an actual doctor but a nurse practitioner, who I advised that all I needed was a work excuse for the rest of the week and I will return to work on Monday. As a precaution, they wanted to take some blood as well as run a test to check if I had the flu.

I honestly didn’t think I had the flu because I’ve always had a fever with it. Not once did I break into a fever with this illness. Possibly because I had the flu shot at work back in October. Plus, this was the first time of me having the flu since 2007. The nurse practitioner told me the flu test was positive and I would have to miss work until Tuesday the 18th, IF I am feeling better.  When March 18th came around, I still was not up to par and my coughing had gotten worse to the tune of hacking. I went into the doctor’s office & saw another N.P who advised me of possibly having pneumonia. When she checked my lungs, no fluids were in there but she prescribed a cough syrup with a narcotic to control the coughing. I was advised to rest and miss work until Monday the 24th.

So far, I am feeling great with the exception of feeling very very fatigued & weak. I honestly think I will go back to work tomorrow and I am actually excited. I miss my co-workers and interacting with the coders & offices. Plus, I am really curious how everything is since I missed two weeks of work. On Tuesday, I am suppose to go to a Pentatonix concert and as much as I am excited for that, I am not looking forward to how exhausted I will be come the end of the concert. We’ll see how it goes…




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    You have been Leibster Nominated!
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