A wild Mia appears…

Hello Everyone,

This will be my first post since March and I apologize for that. To be honest, I guess the reason why I haven’t been posting is because there hasn’t been much updates. I think the biggest update that I can possibly say is I finally got a smartphone! Out with the LG Vu CU920 and now currently rocking out an iPhone 5c. No, I did not get an Iphone 6/6Plus. Honestly, it baffles me that phones are getting bigger with each model. I like having a phone that I can keep in my pocket so my iPhone 5c is good enough. Don’t you guys start with “an android is better” either! I am perfectly fine with my iPhone 5c, darn it. WiFi + Data + Unlimited Talk, what more could I possibly want in a phone?! MUAHAHA!

*cough* In other news, I am still working at the same job with the same responsibilities with the exception that my workload has been changed. Instead of following up on insurance claims for not only BlueCross BlueShield but all insurance payers for our clients has been added. That sounds awesome right? I think so. Even though, it is very frustrating dealing with insurance companies and their mistakes made from a couple of years ago. Why am I even being bothered by those?!  Nonetheless, it goes to show that I have grown a lot  and have obtained lots of knowledge in the past 15 months since I started working at my job. It also feels like now a lot of my co-workers trust me and look up to me for decision-making. /flex. I feel so loved.

Due to my new job assignment, my streaming and game time has been reduced tremendously. This is because I have been stressed out more at work and I cannot seem to relax when it comes to gaming on my PC, unless I am doing a tedious task like fishing in World of Warcraft. Now the gaming that I do is mainly on the weekends or playing games on my iPhone. Occasionally I will be on my computer to doodle on my Wacom Bamboo tablet but if I am not doing that, I am usually vegging on my living room couch browsing websites on my phone. I will try to update as much as I can but for now you can catch me on Twitter or Facebook. Oh! That is also right, I finally got an Instagram! Anyways right now, I am going to try to get a few games in.




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