A Father’s Love…

Hi Everyone,
I recently just got back from staying in Nebraska for the past month and a half. I flew up Monday, February 9th to spend time as well as make a few decisions and/or arrangements for my father, who was admitted into the hospital on February 5th due to his medical condition with colon cancer. The cancer became very aggressive during my stay in Nebraska and my father lost the battle. He passed away March 9th 2015 at 6:05am. As I sit here, I am mourning his death. Even after seeing my father’s last dying breath; even after seeing his prepared body for the cremation process; and even after seeing his cremated remains, I am still in disbelief of it all.
One day, I hope to write about the emotional stress I endured during that my father’s last days as I feel it will provide me some comfort sharing it all with you. Today is not that day though…


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