Getting into a new hobby…

Greeting and Salutations!

So I have always wanted to create things using polymer clay for a very long time. I would watch videos on YouTube and look up tutorials on Pinterest just in case I ever get into the hobby. I never got motivated enough to actually try this hobby, mainly because I wasn’t absolutely sure I would love it.

Since my father’s passing, I have been in this stage of acting on an impulse without really worrying about the consequences. Well, that isn’t entirely true. Yes, I spent a lot of money on polymer clay supplies to create these items BUT I have been wanting to do this hobby for over 5 years. I am been getting into trying to motivate myself to do what I want if it seems within reasons.

If there isn’t a valid reason why I can’t – mainly because of Finances, why shouldn’t I do them? If I wanted to create cute items using polymer clay, why shouldn’t I? I have the money to spend on it. All I really needed was take the time and do it. So here they are.


Anna from the Disney movie, Frozen


Happy from the anime, Fairy Tail


Bulbasaur from the tv show, Pokemon


A pickle encased with resin in a bottle that I made for a co-worker.


A calle lily in a bottle that I made for another co-worker.


The calle lily before I put it in the bottle


The pickle before it was placed in the bottle.


A dead fish encased with resin in a bottle to complement the Happy charm.



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