Twitch Channel at over 200 followers…

Greetings Everyone,

No, the picture above is not me. It is a viewer that watches my livestream: Techne_. I was going to make this post earlier but I have been busy streaming every day since the beginning of this month. Because of my consistent streaming schedule, my twitch channel now has over 200 followers! More specifically, it is currently at 217. I have met a lot of interesting characters and have had lots of fun with my viewers in Trove. I cannot wait to continue making new friends and having a blast with them.


First screenshot of the Trove Club World

The TitansXTG club world now has over 10 active members in Trove. New ideas and creations are being added daily to the club world and members can build their own area/house to call their own. Because of the growing following I am getting on my Twitch channel, I have thought about doing monthly giveaways as a way to say thanks to my viewers/followers but unfortunately, giveaways probably won’t happen until next year due to financial reasons. So until then, I will be supporting my follow Titans with their giveaways like Aeon’s 24-hour livestream giveaways or Valinet’s random giveaways.

That is all the news I have for now. See you on our livestreams and hopefully I will see you on Trove!




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