Giveaways & Over 1k Followers!…

Greetings Everyone,

I just wanted to say that so much has changed and it hasn’t even been a month yet! I have been playing Trion World’s game Trove almost every day since the launch on July 9th. My twitch channel, ChroniclesOfMia has reached over 1,000 followers and I have been consistently been getting 30-40 viewers every day. To celebrate 1k followers, I bought an item from the Trove store for a random viewer. I feel as though I am officially a Trove streamer ^_^. Currently, the channel is at 1,091 and I gradually get more followers every day.

♥ Livestream Viewers ♥

Below are screenshots of the viewers that stopped by my channel today. Thank you so much for your support, guys!

I applied to Trion Worlds for the Balefire giveaway codes that are exclusive given to streamers. After a 3-week wait, my application was approved on the 6th of August. I have been giving Balefire Wing codes every day since then. Unfortunately since I am only limited to 5 codes per week and I have been streaming 7 days a week, I can only give out the Balefire codes on the weekdays. Never fear though! Thanks for some awesome supporters, I received in-game donations to hand out prizes for giveaways on stream. ^_^

♥ Giveaway Winners ♥

Here are some screenshots that I took of all the giveaway winners on my stream today! (If you weren’t in the screenshot, let me know and I will add your picture to the gallery.) Prizes range from Balefire Wings, Aquabatic Aileron Wings, Starchaser Mounts, Sushi Mounts, Crafting materials, Costumes, & other various in-game items.

I am just in shock and never thought I would have come this far. It is all thanks to the loving support to all my TitanXTG brothers, viewers, followers, and friends. Here’s to more giveaways and followers! Thank you so much guys! ♥ ^_^




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