24hr Livestream Complete!

Greetings all,

Yesterday was a huge step for me. I completed my first livestream where I streamed for 24 consecutive hours! I decided to do this event as a celebration for hitting over 1.2k followers. I don’t plan on doing another one for a while (maybe at 2k followers). This livestream event was also a dual-stream with Aeonknight86.

Games that were played were Left 4 Dead 2, Yet another Zombie Defense but the livestream consisted mostly of Trove gameplay. I was able to collect all my Trove decorative item recipes that are obtained in recipe dungeons; causing me to hit Mastery level 92!

Thanks to all who participating & watched the 24 hour stream <3

Full Stream video: http://www.twitch.tv/chroniclesofmia/v/14751066

You can also see the highlights from the 24 hour stream here:
Party with a Charger & Tank
Stickerbutt solos Zombies
L4D2 Trolling




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