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Greetings Everyone,

I know it has been forever since I last updated my website. If you have been following my social media, then you pretty much know what is going on with me. I still figured I would stick with my normal tradition and write my “End of Year” post that summarizes what I have learned over the past year. I promise to try and keep it short. I spent most of it trying to deal with grieving over my father’s death who passed away in March due to colon cancer. Prior to his passing, I spent all of February spending my days and nights with my dad in the hospital. It did not help that it was the first time I was away from my husband and son for so long.

Between March and June, I went on a compulsive shopping spree which mainly consists of craft supplies. The scariest thing was I didn’t realize how much I was spending until my husband brought it to my attention. It also didn’t help that we took a road trip to visit my husband’s family in Missouri and Kansas at the end of June. In order to distract me from compulsive shopping, I became active in the Trove streaming community on Twitch. That lasted between July to September and it was fun. Unfortunately, streaming 7 days a week took a lot of time away from my family. Once I cut down the streaming hours, it all went down hill. I lost virtually all interests in everything I do including video games. Only thing that interested me was spending time alone in the garage making polymer clay charms while listening to music.

It really wasn’t until November and after having a few talks with my different family members that I really decided to get out of that depressive fog. I was still making my polymer clay items/charms but getting my son more involved. He decides what to make and then he helps me make the piece. I became a little bit more social and even volunteer for projects at work. My husband and I made a huge decision to get a new used 2013 vehicle during Thanksgiving. Now December is here and I got a work promotion with the obvious pay raise. ^_^

Overall with the exception of the last two months, this year pretty much sucked for me but it has made me appreciate my husband and son more. The year 2016 starts tomorrow but I don’t know what goals to have in mind other than visiting family members in California and Nebraska. Perhaps eat healthier? Nah. I love my sweets too much.




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