Nexus PuG Rant

Hello All!
   I know I said I wouldn’t be posting a blog post till Monday BUT I really needed to vent after this one Nexus Random PuG group on my level 70 priest. In one of my previous posts, I mention how many bad tanks I’ve been getting in Random PuGs. I’ve been ping-ponging between my priest (now level 72) and my prot paladin (now level 62) in between instances because I was just tired of constantly dying because of ‘unknown’ reasons on my priest back to back. So I would take a break from bad tanks and actually be a good tank :) It calmed me down before I tried another dungeon on my priest. Well, in this one Nexus group…(Screenshots are subscripted)As soon as I hit ‘Enter Dungeon’, I instantly died [1].  Interesting. Died before even 2 seconds into the dungeon. Apparently, the previous healer left in the middle of a trash pull. No biggie. I walk back to the dungeon to be brought back to life and buff my group members. Then I realized the level 71 Death Knight Tank only had 12K health with Fortitude while the DPS warrior had 13K.  Great, a gimp tank. No biggie. I can still do it, so long as the DPS warrior doesn’t pull aggro. What does the DPS Warrior do? Pull aggro before the tank even touches it.  We get to the first boss and wiped because as soon as the boss splits the Warrior got aggro and instantly died. Then I died next. Ran back, tried again. Wiped again for the same reason. 

The Warrior began to chew me out for being a crappy healer. I know I’m not the best healer out there, but my heals are not “crappy”. I told him that I was healing a gimp Deathknight tank. A DPS warrior pulling aggro off the tank doesn’t help. The DPS Warrior left but not before stating that “we will never downed that boss” [2]. We got an Elemental Shaman and a DPS Death Knight. Tried the first boss again, but only this time…We downed her [3]. The Elemental Shaman did end up pulling aggro, but lived long enough for the tank to generate some aggro. So I wasn’t next in line to die. The Shaman was the only casualty on that boss fight.  So Mr. DPS Warrior, you were wrong. I wasn’t the problem. Nice Try though. I wish I got a screenshot of the two patrol groups the tank ended up pulling in the ‘Singing Grove’ on the way to Ormorok. My “crappy” heals got us through that situation. We ended up finishing the instance and downed the last boss with no other deaths. Next time, you open your mouth…do it to actually prove something while keeping an open mind that maybe perhaps, you’re the one at fault? Ok. I’m done ranting and I feel better :) 

I’m just so sick and tired of crappy PuGs groups acting like every dungeon is a low level dungeon (Ragefire Chasm). Acting like they are overly geared for a particular dungeon. Yes, Dungeons are easy but make the wrong moves, you’re at risk at a wipe and wasting time for group members who have better things to do. This is why I’m not looking forward to Cataclysm. I’m not looking forward to dumb DPS thinking they can tank because their gear has ‘high’ stamina. Blah…

P.S – If you compare screenshots from Nexus, DPS is actually lower when the DPS warrior left. Making me heal with my “crappy” longer than necessary.


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2 Comments on "Nexus PuG Rant"

  1. Belmann August 16, 2010 at 12:03 AM -

    Oh, I feel your pain! Even at 80 I'm seeing a lot of lousy tanks, and way too many of them being DKs.

    I think that there are two things going on here. One is that there are a lot of people who've never tanked that are running up DK with the view to tanking – but they've only spent a handful of levels learning how to tank, rather than 70+ levels. The other thing is that there are folk who've run up non-DK alts, raced them up to 70, but then expect their experience of WOTLK instances to be like the vanilla instances they came up through. These days most players are overpowered for vanilla instances at level, and so can just blow through them without any particular care or planning (or skill). Then they hit WOTLK instances, and *suprise* they are no longer over-powered.

  2. Mia August 17, 2010 at 2:05 PM -

    Yes…Deathknights are oh-so-popular amongst the pug population.

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