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I finally got my shaman to Lvl 80!!! woot! My first toon to get to lvl 80. Only 8 more to go T_T great…Eh maybe it’ll be just my shaman for a while. I got my 1st lvl 80 epic too yesterday in an instance called Heroic Azjol-Nerub. Anyways, Logan is going to teething still and Seperate Anixety. Cant really do anything without him being fussy. I heard my cousin Hajji is home safe and sound for about 18 days? I think. I know he’s only home for a while before going back to Afganistan (however you spell it). Be safe Hajji and know that I may not have been close to you like my brother is to you, but I still love you just the same :D

I added two new tabs on my website. Sponsors and Mobile. I explain what those two are for. I’m planning on adding more stuff next week. I’m pretty sure people already know that every Tuesday is Maintence on World of Warcraft so I cant play WoW on Tuesday till like 2pm EST. So I’m updating my website every Tuesday as well as my MySpace blog. My WoW account expires on Febuary 11th. I’m planning on playing for another month…but maybe not. If I dont, I’ll get back on track on the AoD project that I was planning on getting done by the end of this month. I probably would have if Logan wasnt taking much of my time. Oh well, He’s worth it. Feel Free to Call me on my cell. OH AND PEOPLE I DO NOT HAVE A TEXT MESSAGING PACKAGE, SO STOP TEXTING ME SO MUCH! please? :D Well I’m gonna go eat some meatloaf. Yummay!



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