Baby Logan

My big news this week is Baby Logan Isiah Buckle. Yes, I finally got an ultrasound done this past Wednesday. It’s a healthy boy weighting about 3 pounds. I think within the next two days, I uploaded the sonogram pictures into an album on my Myspace as well as Photobucket and Facebook. I have another appointment on March 14th to get a checkup. I’m trying to increase my portions when I eat or snack. I figure I have like 2 months to gain 8 pounds so trying to gain a pound a week. I also found out that out of ALL my friends who have gotten pregnant, I’m the only one with a boy :P haha They all gave birth to heathly baby girls.

As much as I’m excited for my baby Logan to enter this world and I can hold him in my arms, I’m also excited to see my brother come to Orlando for a Cheer Competition and being able to see him for the 1st time in 8 or 9 months. He said he’ll be down here from March 13th – March 18th. I still dont have a lot of information about this, but once I do…I’ll be calm and relaxed. ^_^

That’s pretty much it for my weekly update. I’m not really in the movie to post a video because I didnt really sleep all that well. My limbs felt like someone was tugging on them and it was causing to have my arms and legs to get no circulation. I miss being able to sleep on my back but Doc said it’s bad for the baby T_T. so I woke up at 4 in the morning trying to get comfortable to go back to sleep. I finally get to sleep and I end up having to get up again to wish the hubby good say at school and to come home safely.

I’ve been thinking about clips from movies that I want to see again but I dont know their titles…so I’m gonna try to figure those movies out.

– END.


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