It’s Over…

I graduated. I finally did it. 1st class of El Diamante to Graduate.

Moving in to Lemoore tomorrow with bObbY.

I’m going to miss everyone……

Tanya – The best girl-friend a girl could ever have. You are so adorable. Your smile and laugh always makes me wanna smile and laugh with you. We were the only two girls in the group and we always loved doing th Chicken dance! You are going to be a great doctor and chef in the future. I still say the the Orgasmic Delights was a good idea. LOL. Mahal Kita, Tanya.

Paul – You are shippin out on Tuesday. I won’t see you till October…possibly. You were always beside Tanya and trying to make me smile. It made me smile too. Take care of her and yourself when you leave. I’m gonna miss you.

Josh – The Rubix Cube guy. Your talent at that always pissed me off. I could never solve that thing. Still, you were always there and we had great times together. I loved how you brought your guitar to school. You introduced me to Chai Tea.

Ryan – You have been my friend since Freshman year. I forgot exactly how we met. Hmm, if you know…tell me. I honestly forgot. I wish I didn’t though. Some friends come and go, or drift off. You always stood by my side through the hard times in High School. WE EVEN GRADUATED TOGETHER! Still, I’m gonna miss you a lot.

Jonathan – My little filipino brother. Even though you are A LOT bigger than me, you are my little ading in my heart. You were always there with an open mind on other people’s decisions. We always have good conversation about everything. You are going to be great at what you do in the future.

To all my friends (including the one I’ve noted) –
I promise to write you a letter or find some way to keep in touch with you throughout the years. I mostly won’t see you guys till the 10th highschool reunion, even then I don’t know if I will see you. Take care and I will miss you all a lot. The ones going away for college, I will try to stay in contact. The ones going to UCMB (Universary of California on Moonery Boulevard) a.k.a C.O.S, I’m gonna try to visit you guys as much as I can. So Be aware of when I am coming to visit.

Take Care and Have Fun In Life.



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