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Weekly Vid?

By Sherry [Mia], February 12, 2008 0 Real Life, Videos, WoW

Hello There :P hehe. I was really bored this weekend so I decided to make a little voice blog. Then it turned into a video blog. hehe. You dont have to watch it. I just thought I’d do something different. I had my headphones on full blast when I made this so I didnt realize how low and quiet my voice really was. so You may need to turn up your speakers. As for the doing this weekly (or by-weekly) I might just go back to regular writing blogs but make little video clips to include them with. I dont… Read More »


By Sherry [Mia], January 13, 2008 0 Real Life

Ok, I dont like to say that I’m stressed out. I think it’s more like sad and worried. I miss my mom. I miss her terribly. I feel so incomplete that I dont have a relationship with her. Ever since I have been here, I have not recieve one phone call from her. I just recently sent her an email saying that I wanted to know if she even thinks about me or wants a relationship with me. I’m kinda hurt because there’s a chance that she doesnt want to get to know my child. I cant keep being stressed… Read More »

Uploaded Wedding photos.

By Sherry [Mia], January 11, 2008 1 Real Life

yea, in my Myspace and Facebook. I uploaded some wedding photos. I didnt upload them all b/c the PC/Camera is being dumb and wont read the last couple of pictures. Makes me mad because there was a pic of our wedding cake and it was an awesome cake. Oh well. I’m trying to take new pics to show off my belly but like I said…Camera/PC being dumb. I might have to use the webcam…ewwwww. haha. I’ll try to get it fix tho so I dont have to use the webcam :)

It’s Over…

By Sherry [Mia], June 8, 2006 0 Real Life

I graduated. I finally did it. 1st class of El Diamante to Graduate. Moving in to Lemoore tomorrow with bObbY. I’m going to miss everyone…… Tanya – The best girl-friend a girl could ever have. You are so adorable. Your smile and laugh always makes me wanna smile and laugh with you. We were the only two girls in the group and we always loved doing th Chicken dance! You are going to be a great doctor and chef in the future. I still say the the Orgasmic Delights was a good idea. LOL. Mahal Kita, Tanya. Paul – You… Read More »