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To Transfer or Not?…

By Sherry [Mia], March 3, 2012 0 BoHvXv, PuGs, PvE, PvP, Screenshots, WoW

Hello All, I’ve been playing WoW a little bit more, even though my classes are stressing me out royally. I recently got one of my friends into playing WoW, and so we’ve been playing on Stormreaver-US as Alliance. A little backstory because I’m pretty sure I have never mentioned it before: My server [Archimonde] has been struggling with a low population. Back in the days of Classic, Archimonde was a high population server. It’s very hard to see it at the low population status now. With the Low Population, this means that raiding guilds are struggling to recruit new members,… Read More »

Getting Used to New Technology…

By Sherry [Mia], February 23, 2012 0 Real Life, Screenshots, WoW

Hello All, So I am still getting used to my new laptop. It feel very weird to be able to play WoW on Ultra settings. Almost like it was too good to be true. It definitely feels like a whole new game, so I’ve been doing a bit of exploring in World of Warcraft. Seeing things in a new light. I’ve added a couple of pictures, and some of the pictures you’ve seen before. But You can kind of see the difference between the pictures. BEFORE: Elemental Plateau, Nagrand Granted that the Before picture of Elemental Plateau was taken during… Read More »

Under a New Setting…

By Sherry [Mia], February 22, 2012 0 Games, PuGs, PvE, Real Life, Screenshots, WoW

Hello All, I wanted to do a quick little update. I recently got a new laptop, and I am loving it! I decided to get a new laptop, because my 5 year old laptop was not keeping up with me on speed. I tried everything to make it faster, but nothing worked. Not to mention that I didn’t really want to spend money to add more to my 1GB of RAM. So I did a bit of research and found a great laptop for the price that I wanted. I am just ecstatic about my new laptop! Before I was… Read More »

6 + 6 = 12. Like 2012…

By Sherry [Mia], February 16, 2012 6 Blog Challenges, Hunter, PvE, Random, Rogue, Screenshots, WoW

Hello Everyone! So  I was tagged in a little game from my fellow WoW Bloggers. No idea what the game is called, but everyone seems to be calling it “Sixth…” Originally started off with Gnomeaggedon and I was tagged by Karegina from The Reluctant Raider. Rules are simple! Go into your image folder. Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image. Publish the image! (And a few words wouldn’t hurt, though I dare say I couldn’t stop a blogger from adding a few words of their own.) Challenge six new bloggers. Link to them. My Tagged Bloggers: WoW Debutante Bubbles of… Read More »

3 sets of What?

By Sherry [Mia], February 11, 2012 3 BoHvXv, Pictures, Real Life, Screenshots, WoW

Hello All, So I know it has been a while since I last posted. School and Real Life has been me pretty busy. I also have a one page summary due in my Humanities class by Wednesday about Bertand Russell’s Truth and Falsehood chapter, and I have yet to begin to write about it. I’m hoping to get my summary done by Monday to show my teacher before turning it in. I have to also find time this weekend to study for a quiz I have on Monday about styles of Artwork. In the meantime, Enjoy this picture of the… Read More »

Curse you, Allergies!

By Sherry [Mia], February 2, 2012 0 Pictures, Random, Real Life, Verbal Hodgepodge

Hello All, I’m currently suffering from dreadful allergies. I don’t know when my next post is going to be. Once I get over my allergies, I need to put my focus into my Humanities paper that’s due on the 13th, where we have to summarize Russell’s Truth & Falsehood. But I thought I would do a random quick post; showing this CUTE Bento box! Original link is in the caption. and I’m done! Now to make some chicken noodle soup…why? Because everyone keeps telling me too, it’s Allergies! not the cold or flu. _END p.s – Happy Birthday to my… Read More »